Fortress Certified Warranty

Our customers deserve a Warranty that makes them feel certain they are purchasing a quality pre-owned vehicle and are covered against unexpected repairs and costs so we are proud to offer the Fortress Certified Warranty. Only select vehicles receive our Fortress Certified stamp of approval before hitting our lot. Other benefits of our Fortress Warranty include

  • Full CarFax Reports
  • Superior Fortress Certified Multi-Point Inspection
  • Fortress Certified Technicians


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7 Year– 125,000 mile Powertrain Warranty
Rental Car-Up to $35 per day and Up to 5 days per covered breakdown
24 Hour Roadside Assistance




  • All internal lubricated parts
  • Cylinder heads
  • Flywheel
  • Manifold (Exhaust & Intake)
  • Water pump
  • Fuel pump
  • Thermostat housing
  • Valve covers
  • Timing & side covers
  • Engine mounts
  • Harmonic balancer
  • Seals & gaskets


  • All internal lubricated parts
  • Torque converter
  • Pressure regulator valve & switches
  • Solenoids
  • Clutch, drums, pistons & steel plates
  • Speedometer drive gear assembly
  • Bell housing
  • Transmission mounts
  • Seals & gaskets


  • All internally lubricated parts including CV joints
  • Differential/Axle housing
  • Axles/Halt shafts & wheel bearings
  • U-joints & prop shafts
  • Center & support bearings
  • Seals & gaskets

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Have their vehicle serviced as recommended in the Manufacturer’s Owner Manual at the prescribed mileage intervals
  • Keeps copies of all Repair Orders for all maintenance services performed
  • Ensure that both the oil and temperature warning lights are fully operational


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